“Stand here” sticker pack5-Pack (250mm X 250mm)

The first step- If you’re ever concerned about the patrons in your facility not practicing social distancing this is the one for you. No confusion, it states exactly where one needs to stand.

“Queuing ” sticker 5-Pack (55mm X 500mm)

Vibrant and simple, drawing all attention to its message, Our queuing sticker is the ideal solution to keep social distancing between people. Perfect for trolleys

Restroom Stickers (290mm X 150mm)

The one action that goes hand in hand with social distancing in this fight is always washing your hands, Since you cant always keep a eye on people at all times we have designed two amazing stickers as a pleasant reminder.

whether you go for our first option which gets right to the point or the much more detailed one where we have layered out a step by step guide on how to properly wash it will surely get the message across. beautiful designed to fit naturally and ideal to place on the vanity mirror above the basin,

(stickers sold separately)

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